Agile Model-Based Software Development & Agile Model Testing

Model-based software development has become state of the art for embedded applications. Especially in the automotive industry, tool chains have been established, and methods and procedures have been defined to also address the strong requirements of functional safety standards. Best practices within general software development, however, propose to overcome strict waterfall process models but promote agile methods in order to address real-world challenges, such as late changes or vague requirements. These real-world scenarios are present in embedded software development, and agile methods will also be beneficial here.

This talk will introduce the basic principles and core concepts of agile methods and elaborate on their instantiation in model-based development. A special focus is on ensuring model quality with model testing in agile environments. Furthermore, the talk introduces into elements of a continuous quality assurance.

Simon Rösel
Simon Rösel

Dr. Simon Rösel ist seit 2017 Software Engineer für den MES Model Examiner® (MXAM). Er hat an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin im...

45 Minuten Vortrag


21. Juli


Agile Testing






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