Integratively Testing of a distributed Microservice Landscape

Unit testing a single class is “easy”.
Testing a cluster of multiple classes can get tricky.
Testing the API of a single service starts to get complex quite quickly.
Testing multiple Services simultaneously in an integrated manner is a real challenge.
Every team that works on Microservices has to test them in an integrated manner sooner or later (the sooner the better).
Running tests that also use Microservices of other teams within a teams own pipeline is easily setup, but as soon as a test fails analyzing the problem gets tricky.
To analyze such tests you typically need input from other teams, which would need access to the test results and logs to do so. Which typically resulting in everybody needing access to every other teams pipelines.
In this session I want to talk about how we tackled the task of integratively testing our Microservice landscape, how we included the tests in every deployment pipeline that is run by our teams and how we made the results accessible at one central point.
Which challenges we faced, how we overcame them, what tools we use to deal with them, and which challenges are still ahead of us.
From this talk you will take a set of possible solutions for challenges and pitfalls you will face when integratively testing your Microservice landscape with you.

Florian Kämmerer
Florian Kämmerer

Florian Kämmerer is a senior Testmanager and Developer at DB Vertrieb GmbH. His main focus is testautomation, cleancode and everythings...

45 Minuten Vortrag


21. Juli


Embedded Testing






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