Dos and Don’ts when thinking about Metrics & Reports

Metrics, dashboards and reports. You can love them or hate them, but we all need them in order to communicate with our teams and external stakeholders.

Many times we can work for days on our reports only to realize that no one reads it. Other times we can put together a dashboard only to make people angry and accuse the testing team of calling out fires in places where there are none. It is complicated.

When planning, creating and distributing reports, dashboards and metrics, there are things we can do in order to make them more effective, and to generate the impact you want to achieve with your team.

In this session we will review some of the mistakes many organizations make and how to avoid them. We will also review good practices to help your team communicate better. Finally we will review examples of metrics that one may want to use in his project

Main Takeaways:

  • How to plan your reporting
  • How to define the data you need to capture
  • How to create reports that provide different layers of information for different stakeholders
  • How to distribute your information in a way that meets the needs of your team.
Joel Montvelisky
Joel Montvelisky

Joel Montvelisky is a Co-Founder and Chief Solution Architect at PractiTest. He has been in testing and QA since 1997, working as a tester, QA...

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23. Juli


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