Level Up Your Test Environments

Test Environment Management (TEM) is still evolving and the recent World Quality Report by Sogeti confirms it's top-of-mind for organizations that want to improve their quality efforts. The availability of portable virtual deployments enables continuous testing to reach quality goals at a faster rate with lower costs.

In this session, I'll share examples and experiences of how different industries are implementing the next level of TEM. There's one exciting use case in which a customer updated their environment to make it virtual and portable. I'll share the benefits this can bring to your team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the value of TEM for a continuous testing process.
  • Gain insights on ways to implement TEM to address quality efforts.
  • Learn how one pioneer increased profitability of its continuous quality strategy.


Referent: Jochem Feekes, Parasoft

Jochem Feekes enjoys helping organizations realize business value through their testing & quality efforts. Subjects of interest include service virtualization, API testing, automated testing & CI/CD. In his free time, he enjoys dancing Lindy Hop and climbing, and after renovating his 1911 home you can also reach out to him for construction tips.

Key Facts

Themengebiet: Agile Testing

Datum und Uhrzeit: 28. Juni 2022, 16:15 bis 17:00

Raum: Rom

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