Consideration on testing tools usage to be compliant with DO178C level A standard

Following DO-178C guidance when developing safety-critical avionics software can be complex and the usage of tools is required to meet safety requirements and time-to-market constraints, mainly for verification and validation phases. Testing tools can accelerate some tasks, but they come with their own constraints that every tester should be aware to remain compliant for DO178C level A. Some of these considerations could also be applied to ISO 26262.

This session focuses on these constraints and describes how some tools vendors have answered to this question.



Referent: Dominique Guilbaud , HCL Technologies

Dominique Guilbaud works in embedded software testing for 25 years, starting with customers such Airbus, Thalès… As an architect, he was the initiator of the first testing & coverage tools on the market for safety critical applications that include the strongest requirements (DO 178C level A, ISO 26262 ASIL D, EN 50128 SSIL 4…). He is now working for HCL Software.

Key Facts

Themengebiet: Embedded Testing

Anspruch: Fortgeschrittene

Datum und Uhrzeit: 29. Juni 2022, 12:00 bis 12:45

Raum: Madrid

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