Process Design for Test-centric Embedded Software Development

A specialist lecture on enforcing a test-centric embedded software development process covering MISRA, ISO 26262, unit testing and code coverage.

The session is in two parts. The first dealing with the essentials of an ideal embedded software development process and the second being an analysis of a continuous integration process for a sample software project. Highlighted throughout is the advantages of adopting a test-centric development environment and how this can deliver high quality, reliable code.
A thorough testing process is a crucial part of any development project. The talk discusses what happens when you don't follow a clearly defined test strategy and how you can mitigate this problem with a test-centric development environment. With the escalating complexity of embedded software development, it is vital to test early and repeatedly. To address this, the classical waterfall model must give way to continuous integration, creating even higher need for a more rigorous approach to software testing.

The second part brings together static analysis, functional unit testing and code coverage for a sample embedded software project. Including how to integrate continuous processes into a software project, with a demonstration of some features offered by Jenkins.


Referent: Adam Mackay, QA Systems GmbH

Adam is an engineer with over 20 years’ experience in managing, designing, developing and deploying software for safety and business critical systems. He holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked as a consultant for leading blue chip organizations in both the US and Europe, across all industries. Adam has practical experience of a broad range of software tools and processes. As Integrations Manager at QA-Systems, Adam ensures the effective deployment of technology to ease the burden of developing code to the most rigorous standards.

Key Facts

Themengebiet: Embedded Testing

Datum und Uhrzeit: 28. Juni 2022, 12:15 bis 13:00

Raum: Madrid

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